People with unique perspectives:

Art! . . . at least in theory!
Amazing singular atypical, avant-garde, bizarre, conspicuous, curious, eccentric, eminent, exceptional, extraordinary, noteworthy, odd, original, outlandish, outstanding, peculiar, prodigious, puzzling, queer, rare, remarkable, special, strange, uncommon, unimaginable, unordinary, unparalleled, unprecedented, unthinkable, unusual, unwonted, weird wonderful work!
The photos below are links to each persons exhibit.

Sean Madden:

Sean M

Sean is at the top of a very small list of exceptional persons who I have been friends with and have loved since high school. Or in this case, grammar school. We met at a time when I think we both needed to know that we weren't the only freak on earth, and we hit it off famously! Got up to a fair bit of no good in fact, although it would seem that we both turned out all right eventually. Sean has been dazzling people with his conversational, artistic, and musical talents forever, and there's hardly any mystery why - just click the picture to the left to see what I mean!

Brian Dickenson:

Brian D

Brian is a beautiful man. He is ridiculously intelligent, remarkably well informed and well read, extremely generous, and a great friend. His house parties are the stuff of legend, and he is one of the most photogenic humans I know. He creates gorgeous sculptures from the detritus of death, and designs his own custom organisms. His work is fragile and lovely and insanely intricate. Brians very existence is art, which like life itself is not always pretty! He's a one of a kind freak and I'm glad he exists. You've got to see his stuff in person to appreciate it fully, but proceed to the exhibit by clicking on his mug to the left.

There'll be more - just sit quietly and be patient!