Welcome to Mondo Swank a Go-Go!

Atomic Space Age Bachelor-Pad Music in Hi-Fi. You are now entering a world where all the tables are boomerang shaped, the men all wear hats, women proudly glide about their electric kitchens wearing evening gowns, everybody smokes and drinks (a lot), and the cars all have bubble-tops. Many of the women as well. A Madison Avenue vision of the perfect world of glamour. Here we present to you sounds and images from the era of the mighty LP record! Ah, the joys of vinyl - the scratchy campfire crackle sound, the flipping of the record, the heavy boxes on moving day, and ultimately the musty smell as they molder in the basement. The massive archive of vinyl here at the org necessitated the purchase of several large steel and wood shelving units to combat the threat of collapse or implosion, and we will be more or less randomly selecting titles for your listening and viewing pleasure. Click on the images to view and listen. Crazy, Pops!