A Mourning Vision

This has gotta be some of the most pro-level heavy stuff I've seen around thease parts, and I really hope they get a chance to take off (they did do Warped tour!). This band seems to have risen from the ashes of Endface, who I saw live a few times (including Marks halloween extravaganza!), and it was the most off the hook live show I've witnessed in Buffalo. Sweat, blood, strippers, nudity - you know: all the good stuff that rock is about! With super tight musicianship and stellar vocals there is no way you can't get swept up in the total energy they create, and their dramatic shifts from dark to light dynamics go straight to your head, your heart, and your adrenal gland (not necessarily in that order)! As far as I'm concerned they don't do enough live shows, but that just makes it that much more important to get out and see them when you get the chance. Don't miss out - give these dudes their props!

Here is the bands Myspace page.

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