Rock music has really evolved. There was once a time when having a full guns bozo approach meant being a crap musician with an attitude and a fancy paint job, but Beamer manages to craft complex multi-textural intricately layered compositions that do not lose their sense of immediacy and urgency, and just thoroughly slam! They lace their straight ahead rockers with complex instrumental passages, but they never interrupt the powerful forward momentum of their very well designed jams. Perhaps they'd be surprised to hear that sometimes their material brings to my mind some of the better aspects of 70's progressive rock, with a bit of British invasion style rave up, all fused with the urgency and energy of more modern genres. They work hard at creating various moods and grooves, and all their hard work really shows when they play live. And with a lefty guitarist on one side of the stage and a righty on the other, they are the most symmetrical band around! Check out the great production as recorded by Jesse and Eric - these dudes get fat sound onto tape and you should hire them to record your band or run your live sound! Great friends, great neighbors (eric and jesse live 124 inches away from me), great music!

Go here to see some video of Beamer taken at WBNY (see why the ladies all think they're super cute)!

Here is more info at Myspace.

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