Nick Vega

This is one of the things I've been doing lately for fun! Nick has such a great voice, and is such a good friend, that I was totally pleased when I heard he was playing out again, and wouldn't mind jamming. I mean, I remember when Nick had his guitar all covered with Playstation games, and I said "let's jam", and he was like, "naaah, gimme me a beer", and it was such a pity 'cause his voice is amazing! His songwriting is great, with suprisingly sensitive and heartfelt words - which sometimes seem not to make sense but actually do - and seem so unusual coming from Nick, who I believe is a killer for the mob or a safecracker or something. But a beautiful brother, nonetheless. These songs are straight up soulful folk rock done on chunks of wood with strips of steel, and with a whole bunch of feeling! Oh, and of course some studio syncronized tomfoolery - the drums on these recordings are loops playing in Acid, but I did have a blast figuring out and playing the basslines etc.. Enjoy - and come see us live every Thursday at Staples (on Allen right across from Nietzches) at 8:00 PM! I blogged about it a bit, with some pics, here (new tab or window). (5.15.2008: Don't go to Staples - we won't be there. Well, it was fun while it lasted . . .)

The first two tracks are more recent, from Feb '09. They feature the righteous talents of Jay McGurrin and Danger Dave, on drums and bass and backing vocals. Read more here (new tab or window).

Live Videos are HERE!

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