Wow. This music takes your breath away, if you let it. Some kinds of music are very un-rock & roll in the sense that they are not always about instant gratification. They expect you, the listener, to take the time and have the patience to actually let the music take you somewhere to work its magic on your senses, and sometimes those places are deep within and need to be crept up on slowly, seduced as it were, and cannot be arrived at by shouting.

Oh, don't get me wrong - Pams got some rockers for sure, and some rather cheerful-ish psychedelic pop too, but she's no stranger to the idea that not everything useful can be said in three and a half minutes. At times her music brings to mind the musique concrete avant garde classical of the 1950s, and at times its a perky Stereolab vibe - often within a few measures of one another. She plays freakily tuned guitars, mechanical and electrical toys, keyboards both fancy and junky (I love the Korg Poly-800 - Rush dude!), and has a veritable sea of gizmos and doohickys and effects. And her voice is wonderful. Sheesh! She's an amazingly beautiful woman, and a beautiful person, and I actually switched instruments so I could have the pleasure of playing alongside her in a band (not that playing bass for Bad Ronald isn't its own reward - believe it man!).

So Pam covers a lot of ground on these songs, somtimes intimate, sometimes grandiose, and sometimes abrasive. I reccommend that while listening you bring two large warm cats, a glass of wine, your favorite t-shirt, a compass, and your analyst.

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