J. Fen Ikner is one amazingly talented mofu. His vast musical vision has always been evident, but his stylistic diversity has never been more apparent than it is on this, his latest elderberry tourniquet. I'm pretty sure that Fen is responsible for nearly (if not all) the instruments on this recording, although he does have at least a few others participating. I saw him and a gang of notables (a herd? a gaggle?) do this entire fantastic musical stew live recently and it was completely nuts! An entertainment tour de force with far reaching socio-political ramifications! The soundman was reluctant to do a soundcheck beforehand, and Fen laughed and informed the guy that the whole set was only 15 minutes long (they got a soundcheck)! But what a freakin' amazing 15 minutes it is - hold onto your hats, and prepare to be dazzled by a banquet of tasty musical vignettes which could only be served by a musician (did I just call a drummer a musician?) who genuinely understands and appreciates the inner workings and musicality of all these diverse styles, and who has a total blast with it! So will you.

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