The Rabies

Snarling, prowling, sexy, dramatic, theatrical, creepy horror rock which for all its darkness and acerbic vitriol is totally fun and entertaining! These guys are super tight live and their kinetic presence will get your ass moving for sure. Lexi is a force of nature, her vocals coming from somewhere deep within, and her cathartic stage presence is riveting. Jimmy Fiction looks like he's going to pop a jugular while slamming his drums, and no one knows exactly who Dr Sik is - although I hear he's a really old man. The lovely and artistically inclined 88 add's a rather eerie layer of silky cohesion to the chaos and mania, and Jezzebela is for sure the intellectual woofer shaking temptress of the bass! They tour extensively and fairly frequently, and have been spotted in the wild ranging from Madison, Wisconsin, to New York City. If you like fun, you should definitely catch their live show, and let me know if you agree that theirs are the best dressed crowds ever.

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And here is their home page (designed by me!).

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