Wolf Tickets

Yow - these guys simply throw down! Piles of slabs of gobs of chunks of black hole dense rock. It's like the musical equivalent of punching your refrigerator.

But you know, despite their larger than life stage persona's, these guys are really nice persons. They didn't know me from a hole in the wall, just that I'm Brads friend, and they welcomed me to their practice space for shenanigans with true Buffalo kindness (and it's the coolest practice space ever - in like an abandoned building above a famous local bar, just dripping with funk). Mike the bassist pours a mean drink several nights a week at Nietzches, and is friends with Jen (the famous international smuggler), Russ apparently lives in some kind of science fiction house of the future that he built, and Chris does the best Joe Strummer tribute I've ever seen (never having seen Joe Strummer).

Brad bought a fancy vintage amp for this gig (he needs to be loud), a showman or a bassman or something, and it really is cool with the tilt back cab and it's tweed grille. It doesn't seem like the kind of band that vintage gear is all about, but Brads got his own kind of cool going on, and stuff like that is a better investment than blue chip stocks. I do kinda crack up though, watching him rock out on his 150$ guitar with the 800$ amp! (News Flash: he just got a new Gretsch guitar! Woo Hoo!)

These guys are around town a lot, you should go and check them out. They opened for Rancid recently, and totally smoked. About 150 teenagers were reduced to a writhing mass of human meat by the end of their set. Leave the kids at home, come out and encourage your inner Cro-Magnon!

Here is more info at Myspace.

Mikes fault.

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