Madeline White

Wow, I am so incredibly honored to be able to feature this wonderful music here at the org. Madeline has an amazingly strong, pure, powerful voice - which when combined with her devastatingly honest and insightful lyrics and remarkable guitar playing can transport the listener to realms of deep introspection, elation, melancholy, and joy. I first met Madeline at a tavern where I believe she had performed, but I had missed her. I confess to being pretty tipsy that night, but she was patient, and very cool - she is compassionate, articulate, and an unforgettable person. I checked out her myspace page that night and really wasn't prepared for the strength, maturity, and brilliant execution that I discovered in her songs - this is amazing folk music! And she is good to her kitty cat - a recent meeting found her nearly obscured by a tall stack of kitty cat food, which teetered precariously as she manipulated a cell phone, and greeted me . . . a cat food juggler! She hasn't been performing so much lately, and I hope that her feelings of frustration with the difficulties of performing softer music to rooms full of drunken yahoos will not prevent her from creating more of her absolutely gorgeous music. Listen also for some very tasty slide guitar by Dan Mylotte on these tracks. I cant wait until summer arrives so I can play these songs while driving down a country road with the windows open (the hairs on the back of my neck standing up, tears streaming down my face - oh wait, I always do that).

Here is her Myspace page. Tell her you love her.

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