What better way to inaugurate my use of the way cool open source xspf player than to feature two of the bestest friends I have: Brad and Jessie, and their amazing collaboration MoodSwing. I am really quite blown away by the depth of skill exhibited by both of them. These songs are so very well concieved, with some great chord changes and soulful heartfelt vocals that reveal fresh nuance with every listen. Their shows are fun and informal, with both of them showing clearly how much they enjoy their instruments.

I had gotten somewhat casual about seeing these guys perform (as they are really good friends, and they do a lot of open mics) but it wasn't until I had the chance to do some producing (the first two tracks, above) that I fully realized how freaking great these songs are! I always love to let the silky gorgeous quality of Jessies voice transport me, but it was a nice surprise to realize that the things she's singing about are powerful and confessional and moving. Brads guitar playing is very inventive, incorporating elements of jazz, folk, rock, and blues, as he creates a wide variety of moods and tapestries upon which Jessie spins her magic. Keep your eyes peeled for these two playing around town, as they are just getting started!

And check this out: the 3rd track (the live one) was recorded by the cheezy little microphone on my still camera (a Sony dsc-f828, not at all intended for audio). It was recorded at Nietzches during their monday open mic, 02/12/07. What a fry that you can capture vibrating air molecules on a monday night and transform them into vibrating air molecules anywhere on planet Earth by tuesday morning . . . my mind is blown!

Here is more info at Myspace.

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